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Gurukul conducts examinations at the end of each term, while the Senate has its examinations at the end of each academic year at two levels - Internal assessment and a written examination, examined by both the internal and external examiners. On the recommendation of the Staff Council, Gurukul diplomas and certificates are awarded to students on completion of all the requirements of the College by the Gurukul College Council. Degree Certificates are awarded by the Senate of Serampore College at the annual convocation, which is normally held in January/February every year. The college academic prizes for all branches of study have been instituted by Friends of Gurukul, where there are prizes for M.Th. and B.D. students.


  1. College Prize for Christian Theology  --  Rev. Philip Richard S.
  2. College Prize for History of Christianity  --  Rev. Rosalind Elaiyarani
  3. College Prize for Missiology  --  Rev. Thomas B.
  4. Academic Proficiency Prize  --  Rev. Rosalind Elaiyarani
  5. General Proficiency Prize  --  Ms. Dakutmon Suchiang


Biblical Cluster

  1. College Prize for Old Testament Studies  --  Mr. Saji Babu
  2. Hebrew Prize  --  Mr. Saji Babu
  3. Abraham Inbaraj Prize in New Testament Studies  --  Mr. Saji Babu
  4. Bishop Dr. Friedrich Huebner Greek Prize  --  Mr. Boni Pravin Kumar

Theology Cluster

  1. College Prize for Theology-Ethics-Social Analysis Cluster  --  Mr. Saji Babu
  2. College Prize for Social Analysis  --  Mr. Praveen Kuriokose, Mr. Sabi Mathew, Mr. Saji Babu
  3. Mrs. Jayaseeli Devasahayam Prize in Lutheran Studies  --  Mr. Gera Raviteja

Religions Cluster

  1. Dr. P. David's Prize in Religions  --  Mr. Jithin Mathew

History-Missions Cluster

  1. College Prize in History of Christianity  --  Mr. Jithin Mathew
  2. College Prize in Missiology  --  Mr. Saji Babu

Ministry Cluster

  1. College Prize in Christian Ministry  --  Mr. Joshua Muthurathinam
  2. College Prize in Communication Studies  --  Mr. Jithin Mathew

Integrated Cluster

  1. College Prize for courses in the Integrated Cluster  --  Mr. Saji Babu

Inter-Disciplinary Cluster

  1. College Prize for courses in the Interdisciplinary Cluster  --  Mr. Saji Babu



  1. Annual Scripture Knowledge Prize  --  Mr. Boni Pravin Kumar
  2. The Lectionary Reading Prize  --  Mr. Jithin Mathew Mr. Saji Babu
  3. Field Education / Practical Work Prize  --  Mr. Gera Raviteja
  4. Worship and Preaching / Sermon Evaluation Prize  --  Mr. Aneesh Mathew
  5. Mrs. David Prize for the Best outgoing Woman Student  --  Ms. Dakutmon Suchiang
  6. Dr. P. David Academic Proficiency Prize  --  Mr. Saji Babu
  7. Joshua Peter General Proficiency Prize  --  Mr. Saji Babu, Mr. Sundar Singh Kuchipudi
  8. College Prize for BD Up-Graders  --  Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Pani, Mr. Biranchi Khosla


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