Frontiers of Dalit Theology

dalit-04Frontiers of Dalit Theology
By V. Devesahayam (ed.)
516 pages; Published in 1997
Rs.150; Available in paperback 




It's a massive and impressive study of Dalit Theology. Part one is 8 Bible studies related to Dalit Theology from the gospels and Acts. Part two, by far the larger, has 5 sections. The first one "Dalit Reality" has two chapters on women and one on Dalits and tribals. "History and Dalit Theology" (four chapters) is followed by "Doing Dalit Theology", which has a chapter comparing Dalit and other theologies and a discussion of B. R. Ambedkar 's role in Dalit Theology. "Dalit Hermeneutics" and "Reflection on Dalit Reality and Doctrines" are the longest sections with six chapters each. An essential work for deep study of Dalit Theology.