Heuristic Explorations

dalit-05Heuristic Explorations
By Arvind P. Nirmal
165 pages
Rs.45; Available in paperback 




It's a valuable book to those in pursuit of truth and value systems. The knowing process and the interpreting process are gone through thoroughly from the point of view of theological education. 'Interfaith Dialogue', 'Contemporary Theology' and 'The Social & Political aspects in the Concept of the New Man' are among the topics covered.

Towards a Common Dalit Ideology

dalit-06Towards a Common Dalit Ideology
By Arvind P. Nirmal (ed.)
137 pages; Published in 1989
Rs.50; Available in paperback 




From the understanding of the dalit issues and the emerging dalit consciousness, it is possible to develop a common dalit ideology. This compilation of articles covers a wide range of topics within the common preview of the subject. Seminar statement on 'Developing a Common Dalit Ideology' is the concluding chapter that tells it all.

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