Ecology: A Theological Response

ecology-01Ecology: A Theological Response
By Nehring, Andreas (ed.)
354 pages; Published in 1994
Rs.100; Available in paperback 




37 participants reflected on eco-theology at a 1994 seminar and the 22 papers along with 10 Bible studies and 5 case studies are presented here. J. Russell Chandran introduces with "Ecology: A Theological Response" followed by sections on "Investigating the Ecological Crisis", "The Adivasi and Ecology", "Women and Ecology", "Ecology and Development" and "Theological Responses". A report of the gathering, workshop statements, order of worship used, information on participants, and an impressive bibliography conclude the volume.

Ecology & Development: Theological Perspective

ecology-02Ecology & Development: Theological Perspective
By Daniel D. Chetti (ed.)
112 pages; Published in 1991
Rs.50; Available in paperback 




It's an anthology on the subject of Ecology and Development with a thrust on our own responsibility for the preservation of environment. The subject is dealt widely from the perspectives of environmental rights and privileges, feminist eco-theology for India, primal religion's view on ecology and so forth. Bible studies on Human and Cosmic Liberation take us to the very heart of the matter - Liberation of Creation.

Prejudice: Issues in Third World Theologies

Prejudice: Issues in Third World Theologies
By Nehring, Andreas (ed.)
348 pages; Published in 1996
Rs.100; Available in paperback 

Sixteen papers from international contributors include introductory papers on Asian theology, Latin American liberation theological perspectives, Korean Minjung theology, aboriginal perspectives, and Indian Dalit theology with a concluding chapter by M. M. Thomas on "Dialogue among Religions and Ideologies on a Post-Modern Hinduism". Most articles are well documented.

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