A Reader in Feminist Theology

A Reader in Feminist Theology
By Prasanna Kumari (ed.)
174 pages; Published in 1993
Rs.75; Available in paperback 

Published by Department of Research and Publications for Department of Women's Studies in Gurukul, this compilation takes us through a wide spectrum - 'Critique of Tradition and Interpretation', 'Theological Reconstruction' and insight into the 'Challenge of Women Power'. It's a new and fresh glimpse of an inclusive church.

Abortion: The Agony & the Aftermath

women-01Abortion: The Agony & the Aftermath
By Prasanna Kumari
71 pages; Published in 1992
Rs.35; Available in paperback 




Women are beset with many problems and one such is abortion. In a country like India where childbearing is regarded as a symbol of God's favour, abortion has a legal sanction. The author thrashes out the circumstances that push a woman to seek abortion and the self torture induced by the feeling of guilt as a result of such deliberation, including the social environment that accompanies the role of a man in the whole trauma.

Gender in Contemporary India

women-02Gender in Contemporary India
By Prasanna Kumari
237 pages; Published in 1998
Rs.75; Available in paperback 




A compendium of useful information on 'Gender and Patriarchy' - the socio-cultural issues, status and the present scenario are dealt with. Under the title 'Women and Development' - the prospects of the organised sector and the disorganised sector are addressed. An exposition of 'Law related to Women' with reference to the Uniform Civil Code is made available by the authors. The issue of 'Women and Media' is yet another concern that is being incorporated in the book.

Women, Church and Society

women-04Women, Church and Society
By Prasanna Kumari (ed.)
222 pages; Published in 1999
Rs.75; Available in paperback 




A compendious work on the subject under three major divisions namely Political and Social Concerns, Feminist Theological Issues and Church and Women brings to the fore many vital issues. Beginning with the status of women in India, the topic takes us to political empowerment of women, economic self reliance and eco-feminism. Women's ordination is yet another topic that takes us on to a vision for the church in India.

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