Christian Fredrick Schwartz

missiology-05Christian Fredrick Schwartz
By Daniel Jeyaraj (ed.)
273 pages
Rs.100; Available in paperback 




It's a wonderful account of C. F. Schwartz in this collection. The dimensions of his life include his social concerns. Among other topics, there are articles on his impact on the history of Tamilnadu and also references to Clarinda, Sathianathan, King Serfogi and Vedanayakar Sastriar of Tanjore. There is an analytical essay too on the materials available in Tamilnadu Archives about C. F. Schwartz. His association with William Carey and his thrust in the field of missions are also documented in this valuable book.


Christian Gurus: A Study on the Life and Work of Christian Charismatic Leaders in South India

missiology-06Christian Gurus: A Study on the Life and Work of Christian Charismatic Leaders in South India
By Werner Hoerschlelman
541 pages; Published in 1998
Rs.120; Available in paperback 




The book is exhaustive in its study on the life of the charismatic leaders from the platform of the setting for the phenomenon of the Christian gurus. It contains within its contents an empirical enquiry into the phenomenon. There are as many as 20 life sketches of these leaders drawn from urban and rural areas that provide a wide spectrum of their style of functioning.

Churchless Christianity

Churchless Christianity
By Herbert E. Hoefer
325 pages; Published in 1991
Rs.40; Available in paperback

The book is a fascinating research on lovers of Jesus Christ who stay away from Christianity and the church. Three parts deal with such people in rural Tamilnadu and gives a detailed report of the author's personal interactions with many individuals and families. Part two is a statistical survey of Madras city with detailed analysis of the results. Part three is stimulating theological reflections on church, caste and the phenomena of "churchless Christians". With a brief bibliography and over 80 pages of appendixes giving charts of statistical data. 

Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of Our Mothers & Fathers: Personal Witness (Vol.1)

missiology-07Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of Our Mothers & Fathers: Personal Witness (Vol.1)
By M. Mani Chacko (ed.)
122 pages; Published in 1994
Rs.75; Available in paperback




The book comprises of 5 lectures from Kunchala Rajaratnam Endowment Lectures - delivered by renowned scholars with a wide range of topics such as Ecological Dimension of our Faith, Contextualisation of Feminist Theology and reflections on contemporary issues such as Reconciliation, Indigenous Traditions and Concept of justice are being dealt extensively with commendable scholarship. 

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