Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of Our Mothers & Fathers: Personal Witness (Vol.2)

missiology-08Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of Our Mothers & Fathers: Personal Witness (Vol.2)
By P. Victor Premasagar (ed.)
168 pages
Rs.300; Available in paperback




This book comprises of 7 lectures from Kunchala Rajaratnam Endowment Lectures - the topic includes vital issues such as Faith and Culture in Indian Christian Identity, Emergence of a Local Community in North East India. The other lectures are on matters concerning neighbour-Love, Faith & Reflection with reference to the Life among Dalits and the Religious relevance of Mass Media. The Knowledge that liberates is all about the straight jackets into which the learners are filled into and the need to liberate the learners from that tight situation. The lecture on the Lutheran Piety with reference to August H. Francke's impact on the author is a worth while contribution in the series. 


Ordination of First Indian Pastor: Aaron

missiology-09Ordination of First Indian Pastor: Aaron
By Daniel Jeyaraj
188 pages
Rs.50; Available in paperback




The ordination of Aaron, whose original name was Arumugam, was indeed a turning point in the history of the church. Till that point of time there were only European missionaries and it was felt necessary to engage local people and the first one to take on the mantle was Aaron. The reader can get information on this event as traced from the arrival of Ziegenbalg, the beginning of Tranquebar Mission and the Seminarium Studiosorum at Tranquebar. 

Ten Commandments and Today's Challenges

missiology-10Ten Commandments and Today's Challenges
By K. Rajaratnam & V. Devasahayam (eds.)
83 pages
Rs.30; Available in paperback




It's exciting to discern the mutual enrichment and dialectical interaction between the context and the Biblical text of the Ten Commandments. The book makes Christian faith spiritually helpful, intellectually satisfying and pastorally helpful. It attempts to bridge the gap between profession and practice.

Violence and Non-violence

missiology-11Violence and Non-violence
By D. W. Jesudoss
83 pages; Published in 1989
Rs.30; Available in paperback




Violence, an everyday occurrence, is dealt within this book comprising of essays of erudite scholars. Selected topics are: Violence as reflected in the everyday life of women, civil disobedience and non-violent resistance; Violence as seen in movies and violence against dalits. The other victims of violence are children in their home situation and in their society. Systematic invisible violence and the struggles against it is yet another dimension that has been dealt within this compilation.

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