"Sola Fide"

gltc jyothiGurukul Jyothi 2017 is a collection of inspired and instructive writings on the theme “Sola Fide”, which has been the guiding force and central expression of the Reformation. It's written by the creative, bold, brave, and the original thinkers and the dreamers of Gurukul community who work hard to live deliberately, but who are not afraid to admit the struggles and challenges we face. This magazine also reflects a wide variety of articulations in the form of articles, poems, and paintings. Rev Dr Gosala Varaprasad served as the Staff Advisor and Mr Lijo C Joseph as the Magazine Editor.

The theme Sola Fide portrays that the faith is a gift of God and it is not a result of one’s own good works to be boastful of. It is not we who strived hard for our faith, rather it is God out of His unfathomable love, takes the initiative to grant this faith. Therefore, it reminds us of our response towards that unfailing love. The Hebrew term aman stresses the significance of firmness and stability that emphasises the varieties of activities of God and our responses to Him. Deuteronomy 7:9 reminds us of an understanding of who God is: “Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.” Thus, the doctrine of Sola Fide is one of the guiding principles of Reformation and sometimes it was called as the principle of the Reformation because it was the central doctrinal issue for Martin Luther and the other reformers. Luther called it the “doctrine by which the church stands or falls.” Luther’s doctrine of Sola Fide transformed the church and therefore the present church should take this up as a basis and go into the basics to keep our faith alive. The true essence of Sola Fide should be experienced and shared in the midst of diverse cultures, traditions and identities.

The cover design for the college annual magazine was conceived by Mr Sajo Thomas Joseph. It depicts “the depth of the impressions of your footprints reveals your faith. It's your unique journey with God. Comparisons have no room, all that matters are faith; faith alone.”

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