Associate Professor
B.Th., B.D., M.Th., Th.M.,Ph.D., (Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, USA).
Church Affiliation: Church of South India
Contact Number: +918606765132 / +919538699236
Email: [email protected]


REV. DR. MERVIN SHINOJ BOAS is an ordained minister of the Church of South India (Cochin Diocese) and serves as the Associate Professor in the Department of Theology and Ethics at GLTC. He earned his B.Th. (1993) and B.D. (1998) degrees from the Kerala United Theological Seminary, Thiruvananthapuram and M.Th. (2004) from Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai. Moreover, he earned his Master of Theology (Th.M. – 2009) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. – 2013) degrees from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Chicago and his doctoral dissertation is entitled as “A Hermeneutical Engagement for Subaltern Theology in India Signifying the Writings of R.S. Sugirtharajah.” Dr. Boas is a scholar, prolific thinker and philosopher and a theological writer