Associate Professor
B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th., (Senate of Serampore College [University] – Gurukul)
Church Affiliation: Church of South India
Contact Number: +919952116501


REV. DR. M. PETER SINGH is an ordained presbyter of the Church of North India (Kolkata Diocese) and currently serving as Associate Professor of Communication at GLTC. He had completed his B.D. studies at the United Theological College, Bengaluru and M.Th. from the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai, and D.Th. from the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai with with a research exposure at the Missionsakademie, Hamburg, Germany. Dr, Singh has twenty eight years of teaching experience as Lecturer at the Eastern Theological College, Jorhat, Assam, Professor at Serampore College and Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai and held various responsibilities such as Vice Principal of the Serampore College (Theology), Dean of Graduate Studies, Post Graduate Studies and Research Studies and Finance Officer at TTS. He has presented papers and written number of articles which are published in various national and international academic journals. Being a Theological Educator, he also has extensive experience in leading retreats and Bible studies and preaching in Convention meetings. He has been guiding severalPost-Graduate students and Doctoral Research scholars and Dr. Singh’s doctoral research work is a pioneering contribution in the field of Cybertheology.

Research Interests:

Information and Communication Technology, Social Media, Cybertheology.

Academic Publications:

  1. Methodology of Communication Research(forthcoming publication)
  2. Introduction to Communication and Media Studies: A Textbook for Theological Students,(forthcoming publication, 2020). The same will be published in Tamil in 2021.
  3. Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: Challenges to Christian Ministry. Madurai: TTS, 2017.
  4. Cybertheology. NewDelhi: ISPCK, 2009.

Articles (Selected):

  1. “Christian Ministry in the Context of Covid-19: Challenges of Cyberchurch:Re-framing a new paradigm for Theological Education.” (forthcoming publication)
  2. “Social Media: A New Location for Christian Mission to the Digitizens,” Published in In God’s Image, The Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology (AWRC), 2019
  3. “Religion, Culture and Media Interplay:Rethinking Communication Studies in Theological Education,” ETC Journal, August 2019.
  4. Discerning the Story Structures in the Narrative Literature of the Bible, Paper sent for publication in Indian Journal of Theology, April, 2019.
  5. Paper presented at the Pre-Council Seminar on “Messianic Love is Revolutionary Political Love: Re-reading the Story of Cain and Abel,17 September 2018.
  6. Presented papers on “Communication, Media and Theology” and “Cybertheology: Locating God in a New Way” at the Seminari Theologi Malaysia, 5-12 July 2018.
  7. “Framing a Subaltern Multidisciplinary Approach in Communication Research,”Presented at the D.Th. Methodology Seminar on 4 June 2018 at Serampore. This article was published in the SATHRI Journal.
  8. Paper presented on “Contesting New Media Power through Alternative Media: Towards Peace Journalism” in the SeminarJointly organized by CCCRC & CCPRA of Clark Theological College, Mokokchung, Nagaland on January 18, 2019.
  9. Paper presented on “Media Practitioners and Social Justice: Towards Social Justice Journalism” in the SeminarJointly organized by CCCRC & CCPRA of Clark Theological College, Mokokchung, Nagaland on January 16, 2019.
  10. Paper presented in the Seminar organised by Women’s Christian College, Nagercoil on Biblical Perspectives on Shalom”. Published in A Curriculum for Peace Studies edited by D.Esther, Nagercoil:WCC, 2017.
  11. Paper presented on “Social Media: An emerging new Location for Christian Mission to the Digital Natives” in the SeminarJointly organised by the World Association of Christian Communication(WACC) and Commission on Unity and Mission of the NationalCouncil of Churches in India (NCCI) on 23 March 2016 at Chennai.
  12. “Women- Water and Wealth: A Palestinian Perspective,” Swedish Theological Institute, Jerusalem, March 2016.
  13. “Methodology of Research in Communication Studies,” Paper presented at the doctoral Students’ Methodology Seminar, Organised by SATHRI, May 2015.
  14. Introduction to Communication and Media Studies. BCS Study Guide, Published in 2014.

  15. Methodology of Research in Communication Studies, Paper presented at the doctoral Students’ Methodology Seminar, Organised by SATHRI, May 2010.
  16. The Digital Divide: A Theological Perspective, in Religion and Society, Vol.53, No.3/4 2008, Bangalore:CISRS, pp.50-65.
  17. Locating God in a New Way: Issues in Cybertheology. AJTR, 2007.

Editorial Works:

  1. Guest Editor, Arasaradi Journal of Theological Reflection, July-December, 2007.
  2. Editor, Indian Journal of Theology, A journal jointly published by Serampore College & Bishop’s College, Kolkata.
  3. Updated the book “Story of Serampore and its College” from 1960 till 2005.
  4. Cybertheology. NewDelhi: ISPCK, 2009.

Academic Involvement:

  1. Guest scholar at the SeminariTheologi Malaysia (STM), Serenban, Malasia. July 2018.
  2. Co-examiner,Pacific Theological College, Fiji.
  3. Co examiner, SHUATS, Allahabad.
  4. Examiner, American College, Madurai.
  5. Convener of the M.Th. Syllabus Revision in the Branch of Communication.
  6. Member of the B.D. Curriculum Committee.