Gurukul Summer Institute 2020

The Gurukul Summer Institute-2020 on “Ageing: Exploration towards Graceful Ageing”was held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September 2020. Unlike previous two years, the institute was organised within the college campus due to the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic.The programme began with short devotion and inaugural function led by Rev. Joshua Peter, the Executive Secretary of UELCI on first day morning,and ended on 3rd day evening with review, action plan for publication and thanksgiving prayer led by Rev. Dr. Daniel Kirubaraj. The Principal, Rev. Dr. John Samuel and the Rev. Dr. Jacob Sunder Singh brought inspiring morning devotions on 2nd and 3rd respectively. The following seventeen scholarly papers were presented by our own Gurukul faculty members:

      1. Rev. Dr. Peter Singh. “Contemporary World Scenario of Ageing: Divesting in the Philosophical notion and practical issues of AgeingProblematizing the theme: Blessing or Curse…!”
      2. Rev. Dr. John Samuel. “Ageing in Jewish Interpretations.”
      3. Dr. Aravind Jeyakumar Moniraj. “Mapping the Gerontological Imageries in Qohelet: A Juxtaposed Reading of Allegorical and Literal Interpretations of Qohelet 12:2-5.”
      4. Rev. Nagaiyasamy N.S. Samuel. “Growing Old in Ancestral Narratives: A Theological Perspective.” “Ageing and Intergenerational Conflict in the New Testament: Towards Age-Friendly Communities.”
      5. Rev. Dr. Edwin Jebaraj. “Ageing and Intergenerational Conflict in the New Testament: Towards Age-Friendly Communities”
      6. Rev. Dr. Shanthi Sudha Monica. “Re-reading Lukan “Birth Narratives” with the Optics of Ageing”
      7. Rev. Dr. Babu C. “The Issue of Ageing in the Early Writings of History of Christianity: A Response.”
      8. Rev. Dr. S. David Joseph Raj. “Ageing in World History: An Overview.”
      9. Mrs. Rebecca Azariah. “Reading Ageing from Mission Perspective”
      10. Rev. Dr. K. Vijayan. “A Postmodern Missiological Response to the Issue of Ageing.”
      11. Rev. Dr. Nelavala Gnana Prasuna. “Critical Feminist Theological Gerontology: Towards Life inAbundance.”
      12. Rev. Dr. Mervin Shinoj Boas. “Gerontological Hermeneutics: Ethical Explorations Deconstructed.”
      13. Rev. Dr. Songram Basumatary. “Theo-critical Exploration on Ageing: Towards a Theo-gerontology.”
      14. Rev. Dr. Giri Krishnan. “Vanapratha-Sanyasa Schemes of Life as Gerotranscendence: An Appraisal of the Hindu Perspective of Ageing.”
      15. Rev. Dr. Wilson Paluri. “Socio-religious Concerns of Vṛddhāvastha: Jarā-śāstra from Hindu Religious Tradition.”
      16. Rev. Dr. Daniel Kirubaraj. “Communiacting the Theological Culture: Asking Christian Senior Citizens.”
      17. Dr. D. Samuel Sounderaraj Singh. “New Media A Caregiver for the Aged.”

With the presentation of these intense papers, the critical responses by the respective respondents and the creative conversions, the Gurukul Summer Institute-2020 indeed was truly a unique and one of the best Institutes we had after it was revived in 2017. It was truly an intense academic endeavour – a manifestation of bold theological vision. The faculty members enjoyed the entire programme like an intellectual feast. The research presentations will be published soon as an edited book to add one more volume to the Gurukul Summer Institute Publication Series.

I, as convener of the Institute thank God for grace of wisdom and strength, and the GCC, the management especially the Chairperson, Treasurer and the Principal for theirwhole-hearted support and encouragement. Last, but not the least, thanks and congrats to the faculty members – the pillars of Gurukul’s glory for their dedication and hard work for the success of the Institute.

Rev. Dr. Songram Basumatary
Convenor, Gurukul Summer Institute