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Ageing – Perspectival Explorations towards Theo-gerontology (2020)

Songram Basumatary (ed.)

Embracing Childhood-Embodying Childness: Re-locating Children in Church and Society (2019)

Songram Basumatary and Gladson Jathanna (eds.)

Migration in Perspectives (2018)

Songram Basumatary (ed.).

Transforming Reformation (2017)

Songram Basumatary (ed.)

Child Rights: A Theological Exploration (2011)

Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)

Challenges to Media on Poverty Reporting (2011)

Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)

Critical Pedagogyand Theological Education (2010)

Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)

Dalit Women’s Experience: A Theological Imperative for Indian Feminist Theology (2009)

Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

Communication of the Gospel: In the Context of Globalisation, Religious Pluralism and Nationalism (2002)

Samuel W. Meshack & Evon de Heyde (eds.)

Bartholomeus Ziegenbalg: The Father of Modern Protestant Mission – An Indian Assessment (2006)

Daniel Jeyaraj

Communication in Voluntary Action (2000)

Samuel W. Meshack

Women, Church and Society (1999)

Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

Women in Indian Culture (1999)

Katti Padma Rao

Building God’s Kingdom on Earth: Writings inHonour of D. W. Jesudoss (1999)

Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)

Christian Fredrick Schwartz (1999)

Daniel Jeyaraj (ed.)

Adventurous Faith and Transforming Vision (1989)

Arvind P. Nirmal

Towards a Theology of Human Development (1998)

R. Gomez (ed.)

Ordination of the First Protestant Indian Pastor Aaron (1998)

Daniel Jeyaraj (ed.)

Mission Today: Challenges and Concerns (1998)

Abraham P. Athyal and Dorothy Yoder Nyce (eds.)

Gender in Contemporary India (1998)

Prasanna Kumari

Feminist Theology: Perspective and Praxis (1998)

Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

Curriculum for Communication Studies in Theological Education

Samuel W. Meshack (ed.)

Empowering Society

Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

Liberating Witness

Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

Ten Commandments and Today’s Challenges(1998)

K. Rajaratnam and V. Devasahayam (eds.)

Christian Gurus: A Study on the Life and Work of Christian Charismatic Leaders in South India (1998)

Werner Hoerschelmann

Charvaka Darshan Ancient Indian Dalit Philosophy (1997)

Katti Padma Rao

Church and Poverty (1997)

K. Rajaratnam

Frontiers of Dalit Theology (1997)

V. Devasahayam (ed.)

Prejudice: Issues in Third World Theologies (1996)

Andreas Nehring (ed.)

Fundamentalism and Secularism: The IndianPredicament (1996)

Andreas Nehring (ed.)

Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of OurMothers and Fathers: Personal WitnessVol.2(1995)

P. Victor Premasagar (ed.)

Communication: A Discipline in Distress (1995)

K.E. Eapen

Caste and Alternative Culture (1995)

Katti Padma Rao

Contemporary Reflections of the Faith of OurMothers & Fathers: Personal WitnessVol.1 (1994)

M. Mani Chacko (ed.)

Ecology: A Theological Response (1994)

Andreas Nehring (ed.)

A Reader in Feminist Theology (1993)

Prasanna Kumari (ed.)

A Missionary Congregation (1993)

K. Rajaratnam (ed.)

Abortion: The Agony & the Aftermath (1992)

Prasanna Kumari

Outside the Camp – Bible Studies in Dalit Perspective (1992)

V. Devasahayam

Churchless Christianity (1991)

Herbert E. Hoefer

Ecology and Development: Theological Perspective(1991)

Daniel D. Chetti (ed.)

A Reader in Dalit Theology (1990)

Arvind P. Nirmal (ed.)

Towards a Common Ideology (1989)

Arvind P. Nirmal & V. Devasahayam (eds.)

Violence and Non-violence (1989)

D. W. Jesudoss

The Bible and the Believer (1987)

S. Immanuel David

Dalits and Women: Quest for Humanity

V. Devasahayam (ed.)

Authentic Consciousness – Hope for Future (1984)

Michael von Brück

The Ausburg’s Confession (1959)

The Local Congretation (1982)

K. Rajaratnam

Divine Justice: According to Kambar and Luther(1978)

S.W. Savarimuthu