Widening Frontiers of Christian Theology

National and international workshops/seminars/consultations are a special feature of Gurukul, where the members of the faculty and students take active part along with the pastors and non-professionals of the church and society. The participants and resource people are drawn from different ecumenical churches and secular, academic and practical spheres. This provides a wealth of knowledge to the students and the faculty who in turn contributes to the new trends in theology, under the banner ‘Centre for Applied Theology’ (CAT).

The Programs are conducted under the following Departments:

  • Asian Program for the Advancement of Training and Studies (APATS)
  • Christian Education Program
  • Child-care Program
  • Communication Program
  • Dalit Extension Program
  • Evangelist Program
  • Stewardship Education Program
  • Youth and Campus Ministry Program
  • Women’s Studies Extension Program