Since its inauguration on 10 December 2013 Gurukul Programme on Interfaith Dialogue (GPID) has organized a number of events with the support of the Interest Group. During this academic year the following discussions with the members of the Islamic Forum for the Promotion of Modern Thought are most notable: On19 Sept 2014 a discussion on ‘Interpretation of Scriptures’ was held in Gurukul. It attracted a good number of students and outsiders and the event was publicized and reported in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper entitled “Inter-faith discussion elicits a positive response in Chennai” (21 Sept 2014). Its continuation was held in the SIET college on 30 Jan 2015. Another discussion on ‘science and religion’ was held in Gurukul in the first week of March.

The GPID collaborated with UELCI and in a consultation organized by UELCI on 17 June 2014 I presented a set of guidelines on interfaith dialogue and there have been plans to publish and use it to teach congregations. The College was well represented in a number of meetings, lectures etc at the Jesuit Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions, based at Layola College; the same in the Department of Christian Studies at the University of Madras. These are apart from occasional interactions with members of other religious communities on different occasions.