M.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th., (Senate of Serampore College [University] – NIIPGTS)
Church Affiliation: Church of North India
Contact Number: +918237253637


REV. DR. WILSON PALURI serves as an Professor of Religion at GLTC, Chennai and is an ordained priest of the Church of North India. He has completed his secular degree from Pune University (1995). He has earned his B.D. degree (2001) from the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, and M.Th. (2005) from the North India Institute of Post-Graduate Theological Studies (NIIPGTS) with specialization in Hinduism. He has secured his doctoral degree (D.Th.) from NIIPGTS in 2014 and his doctoral research was on “The Liberative Social Philosophy Derived from the Life and Teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya.” In addition, Dr. Paluri also holds a P.G. Diploma degree in Christian Management from the Martin Lutheran Christian University. He has been in the pastoral and teaching ministry for more than 20 years.He is frequently invited to preach at youth conferences and to speak at seminars on Hinduism and Indic religions. He is associated with Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB) movement since 2015 and serves as a trainer now. He is also a Lausanne Catalyst for Hinduism Network since 2019. He partners with RZIM and Hethne (International Movement) to dialogue and reach out to the Hindu friends. He has organized several dialogue sessions with Hindus and Buddhists. He has been on the Editoral Board of UBS Journal and Doon Theological Journal and has written and published a good number of articles in reputed journals on the topics related to Indic religions, social philosophy, and inter-religious relations.

Research Interests:

Analytical study of Hinduism (Indian philosophy), Social Philosophy, Inter-Religious Relations and Missions.

Academic Publications:

Edited Books:

    1. Wilson Paluri (ed.) and, Christian Engagement in Social Change: The Role of Theological Education, New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2018.

Papers Published:

    1. “Contesting William Carey’s Mission History against the Misreading of Missionary Work in India”, Doon Theological Journal, 15.1&2, March-Oct. 2018, pp. 112-136.
    2. “Viable Social Philosophy for Religious Commitment towards Social Change”, Christian Engagement in Social Change: The Role of Theological Education, New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2018, pp. 143-153.
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    12. “Agni Kristvidya (Fire Christology): A Comprehensive Model of Spirit Christology”, Doon Theological Journal, 3:3, 2006, pp. 162-179.

Unpublished Papers:

    1. “A Comprehensive Discourse Analysis of Buddhology of Mahayana Buddhism and Christology of Christian Orthodoxy” (paper presented in a seminar on “Neighborly Relations: Christians and Buddhists” at New Theological College on 2nd October 2019)
    2. “Creative Interaction between Humanism and Reformation and its Implication for Indian Context today” (paper presented at the Annual Alumni Gathering, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune on 22nd Nov. 2017)
    3. “Luther’s Reformation and its Implications in the Indian Context” (paper presented at a Seminar for Church Leaders, Mumbai on 22nd Sept. 2017)
    4. “The Role of the Local Church in Missions” (paper presented at the Church Retreat, Mumbai on 27th August 2017)
    5. “A Study of Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism from the Perspective of the History of Religions” (paper presented at a Workshop on Religious Fundamentalism at St. Paul’s Church, Pune on 11th Oct. 2016)
    6. “Contemporary Review of Buddhism in Bangkok, Sri Lanka and Bhutan” (paper presented at International School for Missionaries Training Program, Adventist Media Centre, Pune on 3rd Oct. 2016)
    7. “Evangelistic Methods used for Buddhists in Bhutan and Sri Lanka” (paper presented at International School for Missionaries Training Program, Adventist Media Centre, Pune on 29th July 2014)
    8. “A Humanist Ethics: A Study on the Social Philosophy of Jürgen Habermas” (paper presented at Studienabend, Missionsakademie on 12th Nov. 2013)
    9. “Hindu Ethics” (paper prepared at a seminar on “World Ethics Forum” at Breklum, Germany on 4th Nov. 2013)
    10. “Developing a Relevant Theology from the Writings of Krishna Mohan Benerjea” (paper presented at a seminar on ‘Krishna Mohan Banerjea’s Contribution’ at Bishop’s College, Kolkata on 16th August 2012)