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Admissions Open: REGULAR COURSES (Residential Programs) OFFERED FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-2023 - BACHELOR OF DIVINITY (B.D.) – 4 years; MASTER OF THEOLOGY (M.Th.) – 2 years – Branches: Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, History of Christianity, Religion, (Hinduism), Primal Religion, Women Studies, Missiology and Communication; DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY (D.Th.) – Branches: Christian Theology, Religion and Communication. Download Application Forms - Last date to submit the application forms - December 15, 2021. Contact: For B.D./M.Th./D.Th. The Registrar ([email protected]; Phone: 044 - 4265 1066); For MCS/BCS/Dip. CS The Dean for External Studies ([email protected]; Mobile: 99521 16501); For Institute of Language Studies, The Convenor ([email protected]; Mobile: 89396 72297).

"Towards a Bold Theological Vision"

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Gurukul is an ecumenical theological community for communicating the liberative Gospel of Jesus Christ by training and experiencing the community of God’s people towards Peace, Justice and Integrity of God’s creation.

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  • Gurukul has always aimed at providing men and women with the intellectual, pastoral, spiritual, and liberative emphasesin order to be a successful minister with the prophetic call attached to it. “There is not even a moment that had passed when I have not felt grateful to my alma mater, because Gurukul has equipped me with a secure foundation for on-going ministry and continuing personal and spiritual growth.”In the words of Martin Luther “We are not yet what we shall be, but we are growing towards it, the process is not yet finished….”

    Rt. Rev. Bishop O. Michael Benhur

    Chairperson, Gurukul College Council
  • I was part of the new Gurukul that began with the fresh theme “Towards a Bold Theological Vision” in 1985. The innovativeacademic disciplines of new Gurukul enabled the theologians to understand faith and ministry within the context of discrimination, exclusion, dis-possession and injustice.“Gurukul not only shaped my theological vocation, but also helped me understand the intrinsic relationship between faith and people’s struggles.” As Martin Luther said “You are not only responsible for what you say; but also, for what you do not say.”

    Rev. Dr. Chandran Paul Martin

    Regional Representative, South/South Asia, ELCA Global Mission, Chicago, USA
  • “Look for a liberative guru not a possessive guru” those were the first words which I heard from Dr. Arvind P. Nirmal when I was a Postgraduate student in Gurukul. These words were enough for me to hold on to Gurukul. Moreover, the dynamic leadership of Dr. K. Rajaratnam enriched me a lot. “I highly appreciate not only the education I received, but also the values the Gurukul instilled in me – a critical perspective on the world and a focus on social justice.”

    Rev. Dr. Packiam T. Samuel

    Director/Secretary, Henry Martin Institute, Hyderabad
  • My stay in Gurukul as an Exchange-Student (2002-2003) was a great blessing in my life in its deepest sense. “I explored and experienced the diversity in all its fullness: People, cultures, religions, denominations and so on.This experience became a solid source of spiritual inspiration in my pastoral work till today.” I am so thankful and proud to be part of the Gurukul-Community.

    Pastor Dr. Andreas Holzbauer

    Lutheran Pastor, Martin Luther King-Kirchengemeinde (Church), Hamburg, Germany
  • Gurukul made a great difference in my life and ministry by increasing my theological knowledge base. It made me to maximize my gifts and talents to succeed in my ministry for God’s glory. “Gurukul structured and moulded me into the image of Christ, which made me to preach the glorious gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with confidence, power and knowledge.”Gurukul is theologically correct and spiritually committed to the Great Commission.

    Rev. Babu Dayanand

    Senior Pastor, The Landmark Church, Singapore
  • Gurukul is one of the prominent theological institutions in India. It stands to support and empower the weaker sections in the Church and Society through its praxis-oriented liberative theological approaches. “It is worth mentioning that Gurukul has produced many excellent and dedicated ministers to the wider ecumenical world and I feel proud to be part of this institution which equipped me as well.”

    Rt. Rev. Bishop Johan Dang

    Moderator, Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jharkhand, India
  • I had the privileged to be a student of Gurukul Lutheran Theological College which impacted my ministerial formation. “Gurukul was a great blessing to me and my family as well.” I thank God for the continued ministry of Gurukul Lutheran Theological College through which the leaders for the nation and the world are trained and prepared for the Glory of Almighty God.

    Rt. Rev. Bishop Silvans S. Christian

    Bishop, Gujarat Diocese, Church of North India
  • Gurukul’s uniqueness lies on its “Bold Theological Vision” towards Ecumenism, Gender Sensitivity, Dalit Theology, Eco-Concerns and so on. These innovative and praxis-oriented theologies enabled me to rediscover my courage to transgress the oppressive borders of Patriarchy, Caste-System, Racism, Culture and Religion. I am indebted to Gurukul and all my Gurus for towards transformation. I wish and pray that Gurukul will continue its bold theological vision towards establishing a just society.

    PastorJoy Devakani Hoppe

    Ecumenical Pastor, Dept.of Church Development and Training, Hamburg-West/Südholstein Region
  • My theological thinking was shaped by the professors of Gurukul (1994-1999) who brought with them a combination of scholarship and activism. They pushed us to think and act beyond the confines of what we believed in; to struggle with difficult questions; not to shy away from healthy debate and to dialogue with conflicting opinions; to stand strong for “a bold theological vision” even if it meant standing against the status quo and the powers-that-be. The formation and exposure Gurukul gave me to different arenas of peoples’ struggles has been the bedrock on which my theological journey has been grounded.

    Jessica Richard

    National Coordinator, Engage Disability; Editor, TheoEdits